Rapunzel Redraw

Just sharing my Rapunzel drawing. I think it still needs improvement even after redrawing, but it’s fun to compare my art.


Sweet Heart Annie Cosplay WIP

Just sharing my Sweet Heart Annie Cosplay and what I’ve done so far. Cosplay has been on and off for me as I lose interest in what I’m doing from time to time or want to start on another project or cosplay.

 The Process

Majority of the fabric used was from Fabric.com. I don’t exactly remember where I bought the purple fabric, but I think it was from Joann’s? I used the back side of the fabric as I didn’t want the outfit to be super shiny. It has a more appealing shine on the reverse side. The gold fabric looked better the way it was.


When I was drawing out my sketch for this, I didn’t want it to be one dress and felt like two different pieces would look better. The heart on the shirt was hand sewed on. The gold design on the heart was hand painted. It’s a bit funky, but oh well.


The sleeves were created from a bell shaped sleeve pattern, which I sewed on elastic at the bottom and attached some ruffles.


As for the skirt, I created a circle skirt and added ruffles. The layer above the skirt was created from a circle skirt pattern as well. It’s attached by two snappy buttons and sits perfectly where it should be. I have two petticoats under. One that I made a couple of years ago, which isn’t that amazing and another one that I bought long ago.


This is the finished outfit so far. When I stop being lazy and unmotivated, I will finish the outfit.